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Agency life at (W)right On Communications is fun, positive, and fast-paced. We are constantly challenged and live by the motto GSD: Get Stuff Done.  If your work place is anything like ours, you will find yourself taking breaks throughout the day to give your body a moment to relax. Whether you’re working in an office, a hospital, or from home, remember to listen to what your body is communicating.

Here are 5 exercises that I use daily when my body starts talking to me!Skeleton with neck pain Free Photo

  1. Shoulder and Neck Tension Exercises

Slight movements of tilting your head side-to-side, up and down, and around will increase the communication throughout your neck and shoulders. Your head is the main part of the body’s communication system. With that said, “stretching enhances nerve impulse velocity” (the time it takes an impulse to travel to the brain and back to the muscle).

  1. Wrist Extensions

Bending of the wrist up and down helps open the joints to release any air or muscle tension that may be developing from prolong typing movements. This will help boost your creative writing skills and make typing more comfortable.

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  1. Foot Exercises

Flexing your feet up and down as well as circular rotations help keep your joints flexible and also stretches the muscles in your lower leg and ankle.

  1. Breathing Exercisescat cute animal kitten bed

Not only will your entire body’s communication system benefit from this exercise, but by doing this your stress levels will decrease allowing you to get more done.  If you can simply do 3 deep breaths, I assure you that your body and mind will feel tons better!

  1. Leg Extensions

Extending your legs straight out while you are sitting can help reduce blood clots and promote circulation throughout your bodies communication system. An insider tip for you ladies, this exercise will also help reduce varicose (spider) veins in your legs.

This is the time in life where you should abide by the rule, “Use it, or lose it!”

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An article published by The Business Times says, “Employees who take a walk, stretch or engage in other exercises during breaks could experience a more positive outlook and increased vigor while also experiencing decreased exhaustion and discomfort.”

Listening to your body is key! So take a minute – stand up and stretch or take a walk to the refrigerator for that beer – and remember,

“A healthy line of communication in every part of your body will increase your bodies performance!”

If you want to share your exercises or questions I encourage you to drop me a line below or via Twitter!

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