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Marketing Communications Services

Integrated Marketing Strategies

(W)right On Communications provides integrated marketing communications services to its client partners ranging from brand development and brand launches to brand refreshes, rollouts and website development. Owned media strategies – including branded content, websites, e-newsletters, publications, white papers, presentations, videos — are a key pillar of our innovative integrated marketing programs. We provide a full-service solution to our clients with in-house graphic and multimedia design capabilities and a specialization in video production and animations to bring our client partners’ stories to life visually.

Our integrated marketing communications services start with sound research and strategy to ensure the right messages and stories are being told to your target audiences. Our team will interview your executives, employees, customers and other key stakeholders to get a clear picture of your current or aspirational brand. We will incorporate external research to develop a creative brief that ensures objective criteria are established and agreed upon to guide our creative processes as we develop concepts, copy and calls to action that resonates with your customers, donors or community.

Yes, we “do brochures.” But that’s about one percent of what’s needed to develop an effective integrated marketing strategy. We treat our client partners’ communications and public relations programs as a process and not an event or one-off piece of collateral.

We’re looking at the marketing funnel and developing content and messaging that speaks to your customer at each stage from awareness through to action. From digital marketing and PR to drive awareness to engaging visuals and content to communicate your offer and drive interest to, ultimately, convincing copy based on compelling data to drive preference and action, (W)right On Communications takes a big picture view of the integrated marketing process combined with detail-oriented execution.

We work diligently to understand and internalize our client partners’ industries, businesses and products. Our practice areas are built around our core industry expertise and allow us to build deep industry relationships and knowledge. For example, our B2B practice team works in the supply chain and warehouse management space for a client partner and understands the problems their customers need solved so that all communications speak the customers’ language and clearly push their hot buttons. Additionally, the team understands the competitive environment and what other alternatives customers might currently be using or considering. This knowledge and approach is essential for our team to develop and deliver effective marketing communications for our client partners.

The same can be said for our integrated marketing solutions for our hospitality, healthcare, land development and real estate, nonprofit, government, technology and energy/cleantech client partners.

Review our case studies for other examples of branding and integrated marketing programs we’ve developed for our client partners.