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Social Media and Web Development Services

Social media and digital strategies


(W)right On Communications provides social media and digital strategies and implementation to its client partners ranging from full website development to ongoing social media programs to paid social media and Internet ad campaigns. These strategies integrate shared media with paid and owned media assets – including social media engagement, digital assets such as branded content and websites, SEO, Google AdWords or Facebook ad campaigns and boosting, retargeting and YouTube preroll ads – and are at the heart of our innovative integrated marketing programs, often bringing in earned media opportunities and strategies too. We provide a full-service solution to our clients with inhouse graphic and multimedia design capabilities to produced branded social media graphics, digital ads and other digital design assets and complete website design and programming that incorporates SEO and digital strategies to drive website traffic for our client partners.

Our social media services start with sound research and strategy to ensure the right messages and stories are being shared with your target audiences. Our team will analyze your social media presence across platforms as well as your competitors’ to gather insights that impact targeting, engagement and outcomes from social media. We will incorporate that research into a social media plan that is designed to support your business objectives and continually tweak and refine your social media content and publication schedule across platforms to drive engagement and outcomes. We will measure and evaluate that process monthly and report on progress in order to adjust and improve results continuously.

Our digital design and programming services similarly start with research and strategy development. Our website team will seek insights about your website traffic in Google Analytics, develop an SEO benchmark report and draft a creative brief that ensures objective criteria is established and agreed upon to guide digital design and website development that will attract and retain the right traffic on your website.

In addition to designing and publishing websites, we draft the copy for them, provide SEO content, develop Google AdWords and Facebook advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website, install retargeting code and develop retargeting campaigns to bring traffic back to your website and more.

We’re looking at the marketing funnel and developing designs and copy that speak to your customer at each stage from awareness through to action. We need to make your customer aware that your website exists and give them a reason to visit it. Once they are there, we need to ensure they get the information they need immediately to take action. Typically, we design and develop content strategies to drive them to a specific landing page on your website that is designed to capture their interest and their contact information.

We work diligently to understand and internalize our client partners’ industries, businesses and products. Our practice areas are built around our core industry expertise and allow us to build deep industry relationships and knowledge. For example, our B2B practice team works in the supply chain and warehouse management space for a client partner and understands the problems their customers need solved so that all communications speak the customers’ language and clearly push their hot buttons. Additionally, the team understands the competitive environment and what other alternatives customers might currently be using or considering. This knowledge and approach is essential for our team to develop and deliver effective marketing communications for our client partners.

The same can be said for our integrated marketing solutions for our hospitalityhealthcareland development and real estate, nonprofit, government, technology and energy/clean tech client partners.

Review our case studies for other examples of social media programs, websites and digital campaigns we’ve developed for our client partners.