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Crafting An Authentic Personal Brand

By Julie Wright, President Everyone has a personal brand, whether they work at cultivating it or not. It’s worth it to spend some time thinking about your own and how to be more intentional about crafting an authentic personal brand for your professional self.  I recently joined Henry DeVries, Forbes columnist, author and founder of
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Social media post example of influencer marketing

Influencer 101: A guideline for influencer marketing campaigns

By Corie Fiebiger –  Communications Coordinator More often than not, businesses and brands are turning to social media influencers to help spread their messages, gain awareness, and win over the masses. These pay-for-play personalities make it their jobs (literally) to make you happy and can change the way your business engages and interacts with potential customers. Successful social media campaigns must be a
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5 Ways Travel Brands Can Connect with Consumers

By Licia Walsworth — Communications Strategist travel  What may have started as a year full of excitement about cruises to tropical islands, getaways to the mountains, or first trips to magical theme parks has deflated into canceled plans, disappointment, and postponed dreams for travelers. travel But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for travel
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Hospitality Communications Survival Guide in the New Tomorrow

By Shae Geary— Senior Communications Strategist The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic making strategic hospitality communications more important than ever for our hotels, resorts and destinations. While press trips and event promotion may be paused, there’s a critical need for hospitality communications that build trust and confidence
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What is Your Leadership Legacy?

By Licia Walsworth, Communications Strategist 3 keys to leading through a crisis Leadership can be defined as your ability to influence people to follow your guidance willingly. Or, it can be defined as your ability to command or apply force. Which defines your leadership style: the type that attracts or forces? It’s an important question,
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The best video conferencing software? It depends on what you have to say

By Shae Geary — Senior Communications Strategist Now that most of us are working virtually, video conferencing has become the new normal. But not all video conferencing software is created equal or suits every purpose. As communicators, we know that the vessel used to communicate is just as important as what we are communicating. In
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