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Energy & Cleantech PR

Taking “Firm” Power to the Next Level

Microgrids, renewables, and AI are revolutionizing the utility world. Innovators need an energy and cleantech public relations firm that speaks their language. Fortunately, we speak kWh, EV, AMI and more. 

Energy and Cleantech Public Relations

The world of energy and cleantech is evolving fast. Clean energy innovations are coming to market more quickly as businesses and governments respond to the urgency of climate change. New models for delivering energy–like community choice, microgrids and battery storage–are adding more renewable energy to our grid and working to ensure grid resilience and reliability. Meantime, consumers are becoming more mindful of where their energy comes from and how they use it. 

We help our client partners craft their messages and brand narrative to make sure their energy solutions are understood by their customers as well as regulators, policymakers, analysts and media. 

We’re trusted by EV infrastructure providers, energy efficiency software manufacturers, utilities, community choice aggregators, and microgrid developers to take their stories to market.

Take a look at our energy and cleantech brochure or browse the case studies below for details on how we’ve crafted energy and cleantech PR outcomes for brands like yours.

When it’s time to electrify the marketplace, (W)right On is your outlet.

Click on the case studies below to see how we’ve served organizations like yours.

Energy and Cleantech Client Partners

When it’s time to ground your next initiative with PR expertise, shoot an email to our Energy & Cleantech team.