Energy & Cleantech Public Relations Expertise

Our expertise has been called upon by some of Southern California’s leading utilities and energy innovators. With our experience working with utilities, cleantech companies, energy service providers and renewable energy firms, we take the time to understand the complex needs of our clients’ target audiences and find the most impactful ways to reach them. Our team of strategists and storytellers can streamline and simplify messaging, get the attention of the media and develop social strategies to help you connect with consumers. Discover our capabilities and learn more about some of our energy and clean tech public relations clients.

Why do innovators turn to us?

We speak kWh, EV and AMI. Plus, we’re fluent in media, influencer and social media relations. Our creative campaigns have documented and shared environmental mitigation success stories for major utilities and inspired interest in energy efficiency and smart cities for school children. We know that media habits and consumption are evolving just as rapidly as the cleantech industry itself. Check out some of our energy and cleantech clients and work samples below.

Chula Vista Energy Station

We have completed two projects for the City of Chula Vista bringing their smart city and sustainability programs to life for students in their public libraries’ Innovation and Energy Labs. Check out this video we shot to showcase the Energy Lab: