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Public Relations Is a Personas Business

By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright It’s so easy today to get glued to our data, dashboards and digital interfaces as we develop and manage content marketing and other web-based communications strategies. But it’s important to remember that public relations is still a people business—or more accurately, public relations is a personas business. As you monitor email
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future of journalism talk by Robert Hernandez

Immersive Storytelling is the Future of Public Relations

By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright The future of public relations and journalism are two sides of the same coin, and both are experiencing powerful technological advances that are reshaping how the media and professional communicators tell and distribute stories. While these changes have disrupted old business models and best practices, they’ve also benefited people by
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Podcasts for PR pros

5 Habit-forming Podcasts for PR Pros

By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright If you’re a communicator today, that means you’re also an information junkie. What choice is there? If you don’t keep an eye on social media algorithm changes, newsroom shuffles and the next big thing, your next campaign could miss its mark. Podcasts can make it a lot easier for PR
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The Strategist Newsletter

(W)right On Launches “The Strategist”

The first quarter of 2018 was a roller-coaster ride for communicators grappling with Facebook’s big changes and PR troubles. We’ve strapped in and are waiting to see where its twists and turns take us next. But, in the meantime, Facebook gave us a timely topic for the first issue of our new publication, The Strategist newsletter. Get
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Facebook changes featured image

What Do Facebook’s Changes Mean for Businesses in 2018

  By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright If you’re like most communicators, you engaged in some kind of 2018 planning and goal setting. And you probably worked with your social media team on measurable objectives for each platform, including Facebook, but then, on January 11, Facebook’s changes came down with a massive thud. The social network
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(W)right On Communications Best of 2017! #GSD

 By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright I’m excited to see what 2018 holds for (W)right On Communications, but when I look back on 2017, I’m awed by all that our growing agency achieved! As we like to say here, we GSD–got “stuff” done! But more than that, we made stuff happen, and that’s how we
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