Solution-Based Web Tools For Every PR Pro


By Shae Geary, Sr. Communications Strategist

It’s always a thrill to learn about a website that can help make your job easier. So, in today’s post, we’ve decided to share three favorite sites that are great tools for anyone striving to be a savvy communicator in the digital age.

Whether you have a dedicated PR role or simply find that communications is just one part of your daily activities, these sites are worth checking out – and maybe including in your “favorites” bar too.


If you strive to maintain a paperless office, you’ll love Web2PDF. This site allows users to convert web pages to PDF files that can be electronically stored for future reference. At WOC, we have found this handy for everything from documenting online media “hits” (published articles or posts) to maintaining files on industry trends.

Web2PDF also allows us some peace of mind, since there is nothing more frustrating than trying to access information via a link that has suddenly become inactive or only available to certain subscribers! Users can convert up to 30 links a month for free, and it’s as easy as copying the web link and clicking a button.

Constant Contact

Whether creating a newsletter, invitation, press release or other e-communication, Constant Contact is a robust tool for producing visually impactful emails that can be shared with a large number of people at the same time.

The program offers hundreds of design templates that are mobile-friendly and customizable with logos, photos and even color schemes. Contact lists can be imported and segmented in the program, giving users full control over who gets the email and when.

On the back end, Constant Contact also provides a reporting feature that shares important information such as how many contacts opened the email, email address bounces and other useful statistics for follow-up, database management and future outreach.

Grammar Girl

Cogrammarnfused about how many spaces to use after a colon, when to use “i.e.” versus “e.g.” or the difference between “affect” and “effect”? Grammar Girl can set you straight.

Billed as “a friendly guide to grammar, punctuation, usage and fun developments in the English language,” this site is a great resource for those pesky questions and making sure that your communications are always properly polished.


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