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An Introduction to Design Thinking

“Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving.” – Coe Leta Stafford, Managing Director IDEO U This presentation on Design Thinking was originally developed for an internal agency workshop by Graphic Designer, KeAsha Rogers. It spawned such great discussion among our team at (W)right On that we thought we’d share it on our blog
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Hiring a PR Firm

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Hiring a PR Firm

Take it from the team at (W)right On Communications, people often think about hiring a PR firm for the wrong reasons. But how can you gauge whether you’re doing it for the right ones? If you recognize yourself in any of these five reasons for not hiring a PR firm, that’s a sign you need
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Three Surprising B2B PR Tips to Secure Media Attention

By Chancelor Shay —Director, B2B & Infrastructure Development Twitter: @chanceshay If you’re not on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence-controlled robotics or have the fastest supercomputer in the world, it’s probably hard to get journalists and media outlets charged up to talk about your B2B brand. Brands that struggle with this typically fall into the trap
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Earn media coverage in major news outlets

How to Earn Media Coverage in Major News Outlets

The Wall Street Journal is the world’s most influential business news outlet. For subscribers of our agency newsletter, The Strategist, we recently put together this helpful infographic on how to earn media coverage in major news outlets like The Wall Street Journal. It outlines 12 steps to catch the WSJ’s attention for your business, nonprofit
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PR Best Practices Can Restore Public Trust in the Post-Truth Era

By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright It is not business as usual in the media industry. Some say we’re in a post-truth era. One thing is for sure: the role and honesty of spokespeople, the press and state-sponsored fake news has us all talking. And, it turns out, this controversy has had an enormous impact on
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Lynn Walsh Trusting News project

5 Questions for Journalism Expert Lynn Walsh on Trusting News

By Julie Wright —President Twitter: @juliewright The public’s lack of trust in news sources is not just a problem for journalists. It is clearly one for public relations professionals and the organizations that they represent too. To understand what got us to this low point in trusting news and what might be done to restore trust
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