The Opportunity:

In 2017, WOC was tapped to help launch Oro Imperial, a new, small batch, premium sipping tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. While the product had a name and logo, it was in need of a brand identity and key marketing assets that would help bring the brand to life and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Solution:

WOC worked with Oro Imperial to develop a brand identity based on industry research and the product’s unique attributes. The quetzal bird, revered by the ancient cultures who are credited with creating the first tequila, was chosen to represent the brand visually and spoke to the product’s authentic recipe and premium quality. A vibrant color palette and Mayan-inspired graphic patterns gave the brand a playful vibe. Since the tequila would not immediately be widely available, WOC marketed the tequila as a brand for “seekers” and utilized the tagline “Seek the Sip” in marketing materials including establishing a Seek the Sip vanity URL for the website that the agency designed. WOC also identified opportunities for Oro Imperial to establish brand credibility, through independent third-party awards and accolades.

In total, the scope of the project included market research, brand development, graphic design, content and collateral development, product photography, video storytelling, media relations and social media and web development services.

The Results: 

Within six months, the Oro Imperial tequila brand launched in North America with a full scope of marketing assets to support the sales function including a brand story and identity, professionally designed website, a high-end sales brochure, a product video, branded social media channels and a partnership to support direct-to-consumer online sales.

The campaign also garnered Oro several top industry awards, which helped support media relations efforts and drive consumer interest. Thank you for reading our tequila brand launch case study. Learn about one of our other successful brand launches in this case study on a healthcare branding and design program we developed for a 32-year-old nonprofit.