The Opportunity:

Corporate Directors Forum (CDF) is a nonprofit organization that provides peer networking and education to board directors, advisors and senior management teams seeking to build stronger stewardship capabilities. 

CDF identified a need to refresh and modernize its brand through a logo and website redesign. These projects provided the brand an opportunity to establish a more contemporary presence and position itself as an industry leader in business education and mentorship.

Leadership at CDF reached out to our team of creative experts for a comprehensive image redesign.

The Solution:

We established objective criteria to identify the best logo update option for CDF and three of its sub-brands: Director of the Year, Directors Forum, and Governance Academy.

After choosing the best option, we built a foundation for the brand by creating visual cohesion and balance. We extended the image through new signage as well as online and physical marketing materials to forge a strong, contemporary presence.

Along with our branding efforts, we fully redesigned the CDF website with a slick and modern aesthetic while optimizing functionality for a fluid user experience on both desktop and mobile. CDF’s content was intentionally repurposed when possible and edited to maximize keywords and protect and increase search engine optimization.