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The Opportunity

Corporate Directors Forum (CDF) is a nonprofit organization that provides peer networking and education to board directors, advisors and senior management teams seeking to build stronger stewardship capabilities. CDF identified a need to refresh and modernize its brand through logo and website redesign. These projects provided the opportunity to establish a more contemporary presence and position CDF as an industry leader.

The Solution

(W)right On Communications established objective criteria against which redevelopment options could be evaluated to create an updated logo for CDF and three of its sub-brands: Director of the Year, Directors Forum, and Governance Academy. With all options meeting criteria and one selected, WOC built a strong foundation for the brand by creating visual cohesion and balance. The new look was then extended through new signage and various online and physical marketing materials in support of establishing a strong, contemporary presence.

With the new branding, WOC also completely redesigned and redeveloped the CDF website to give it a clean and current look while optimizing functionality for a fluid and intuitive user experience from desktop to mobile. CDF’s content was intentionally repurposed when possible and edited to maximize keywords and protect and increase search engine optimization. WOC also migrated the website from Dreamweaver to WordPress platform in order to allow CDF’s team to make real-time content changes more seamlessly and cost-effectively.