The Opportunity

San Diego real estate development and management company H.G. Fenton developed the region’s first and only turnkey facility for aspiring craft brewers as a product offering in their commercial portfolio. We used our craft brewing branding, web development and PR agency skills to develop a robust brand and successful launch.

This new real estate concept solved the three main challenges facing start up brewers or established craft brewers seeking to expand:

  • Huge upfront capital investment
  • Long timeline to profitability
  • A level of risk most investors shy away from

H.G. Fenton sought to dramatically reduce the risk by outfitting brewing and tasting room spaces with the needed equipment at an affordable leasing rate to save brewing tenants time and money and allowing them to produce, serve and sell – fast. H.G. Fenton knew every great idea needs a great identity and sought a savvy way to market the product to potential brewers in San Diego at a low cost. The project required a hyper-targeted strategy to establish the brand’s profile in the brewing community and drive qualified applicants for the available spaces.

The Solution

(W)right On Communications branded the product as Brewery Igniter, crafting the name and visual identity to grab attention quickly while also differentiating the project’s key benefits–particularly speed. The brand also spoke to the emotional appeal of turning the target audience’s passion into profits. (W)right On’s design and Web experts conveyed the brand identity consistently across collateral such as an infographic and marketing materials, webpage and social media channels to quickly and cost-effectively engage the target audience. With these tools in place, the agency’s communications strategists produced and implemented a grassroots PR program targeting San Diego craft brewing influencers that led to engaging social media events and unanimously positive traditional editorial coverage in the target region’s most powerful publications.

The Results

  • Achieved the client’s business goal which was to drive high-quality applicants for the spaces and lease all units
  • The quality of the brewers attracted exceeded expectations:
    • Miramar tenant Pure Project Brewing was named a best new brewer of 2016 by San Diego Magazine, Thrillest and industry publication Westcoaster.
    • Pure Project is also ranked in the top 10 San Diego brewers on Yelp
    • North Park tenants Eppig Brewing and Pariah Brewing were both named among the best new brewers of 2017 by San Diego Magazine and Westcoaster
  • In 2016, the brand earned:
    • Over 40 editorial mentions with 26 linking back to the Brewery Igniter site
    • Coverage in outlets with an online readership of over 18 million
    • An estimated 620,000 article impressions
    • Over over 200,000 article shares on Facebook and Pinterest
    • Ad equivalency (if you’re into that kind of thing) of over $200,000
  • In 2017, the brand earned:
    • Over 50 editorial mentions with 18 linking back to the Brewery Igniter site
    • Coverage in outlets with an online readership of over 25 million
    • An estimated 314,000 article impressions
    • Over 7,000 article shares on Facebook and Pinterest
    • Social media year over year growth of 240% more followers, 158% more impressions and 155% more engagement
    • Ad equivalency (see above) of over $160,000