The Challenge:

Public relations for Oceanside agritourism was needed in 2017 when stakeholders saw a threat to the City’s agricultural heritage resulting from high-density development that was extending further and further into previously rural neighborhoods. In response, it began Phase One of an agritourism initiative that could help bring economic stability to farms by developing unique, local and immersive farm experiences that today’s travelers crave and are willing to pay a premium for. This included a series of community workshops and O’side Feast, a showcase event at Jason Mraz’s Oceanside farm. (W)right On Communications was tasked with drawing awareness to the cause as well as the event to grow community support for the agritourism vision.

The Solution:

WOC developed an integrated marketing strategy that began by creating a visual identity for O’side Feast and Oside Feastbranded collateral that highlighted the event and agritourism’s potential. We also developed a document with messaging points and FAQs to ensure that all community partners (Visit Oceanside, The City of Oceanside, Green Oceanside) provided consistent messaging as they shared the vision for agritourism at community workshops and when meeting with public officials and the city council. Community awareness was drawn to the cause through a series of articles in influential business and lifestyle publications. And, to demonstrate the appeal of agritourism to the travel audience, WOC hosted a fam trip for food and wine writers that showcased the synergy between what is already occurring in coastal Oceanside as it relates to organic farming and the city’s vibrant dining scene.

The Results: 

The public relations for Oceanside agritourism Phase One program achieved:

  • Potential audience of over 4 million
  • 100,000 social media impressions from news coverage alone

Key placements generated by the public relations for Oceanside agritourism program included:

  • San Diego Business Journal cover feature
  • San Diego Magazine three-page spread
  • Instagram takeover by San Diego Magazine food editor, Troy Johnson
  • Multiple features on CBS San Diego evening news
  • Five consecutive weekends of interviews on the SoCal Restaurant radio show.

Listeners of the SoCal Restaurant radio show immediately traveled to the area to experience Oceanside’s Beach House Winery and other agricultural and dining offerings. Additionally, community support for agritourism in Oceanside is strong and planning is underway for the next phase of the initiative.