The Difference Between Creative Writing and Writing Creatively

By Natalie Meza, Communications Coordinator

I’ve always been a big thinker and storyteller. I grew up in a family that loves to tell tall tales, and that love has been ingrained into my very being. More than just that, I’ve always been obsessed with the written word: it has led me to where I am now in my career and continues to propel me forward every day. I dared to take the less “practical” career path (or so every doctor, dentist and engineer has told me) and I don’t regret one moment of it.

My ability to write with creative flair has always been a strength.  While I grew up writing mostly short stories and poetry, I’m now producing creative copy and thinking up big and bold ideas for our client partners. That being said, writing creative copy for a client project and producing creative writing pieces for fun require vastly different thought processes. Though they sound similar, the differences between creative writing and writing creatively are important to understand should you feel you have the creative spark within you.

Personally, creative writing allows me to reach deep into the imaginative corners of my brain and produce whatever is available in that moment. There are no boundaries and few rules – not even the sky can limit me. My imagination is an untamable beast, and to round up all varying pieces of information needed to put together a cohesive and interesting story can be incredibly difficult. My stories are organized chaos with the beginning, middle and the end often decided before I even put pen to paper. All that’s left to decide are the details within the guidelines I set for myself, which may ultimately change throughout the process. It’s challenging and trying, albeit fun and rewarding when all the pieces click together just right.

Writing creative copy for a client, however, is an entirely different beast. The boundaries have been set: there is an established audience, the style serves a specific purpose, and I need to write in a tone of voice that matches the client’s. All of this is part of the fun for me – challenging myself to think in a method that I’m not used to, utilizing language that I don’t normally use and turning words that could be lackluster into something unique and exciting. The limits are firm and the rules are set, but I get to pour life and personality into something that may have started with neither.

I love to write, and more than that, I love to help clients tell their stories. No matter the audience, no matter the style and no matter the tone required: I’m happy to write outside the boundaries of my comfort zone. My best work comes from being given a challenge, and I embrace it wholeheartedly. Have something to throw my way? Get in touch with me at and I’ll show you exactly what I’m capable of.