The Opportunity:

Our Greater San Diego Vision was a three-phase civic engagement process consisting of public opinion surveys, task forces and an online public selection process.

The City used these outreach vehicles to gather opinions regarding anticipated trends, plans for regional development and economic growth initiatives from tens of thousands of residents. Their ultimate goal was to increase quality of life for all San Diegans.

Our Greater Vision San Diego trusted our team to send its message through the City’s airwaves.

The Solution:

We secured consistent, high-profile regional media coverage from print, online and broadcast sources, including Spanish-language outlets and publications serving community and industry associations.

The highlight of the campaign was the project’s launch press conference, which over 100 prominent community leaders such as Ken Blanchard and Mayor Jerry Sanders attended. We produced a Speaker’s Bureau manual and coached media and community spokespeople to support this unprecedented level of community engagement.

Thanks to the combined results of opinion surveys on infrastructure, task forces on each topic and a public selection process, The San Diego Foundation attained a wide sampling of public opinion on current circumstances and desired improvements.

The Results:

  • Results from media outreach and partnership efforts yielded 55.5 million media impressions
  • Nearly 300 community partners signed up to support the initiative and engage their constituents in the public participation process
  • More than 50 speakers gave over 150 presentations during the campaign
  • We coordinated a press conference, managing 60 school children and 100 community leaders in attendance