Internal Rebranding

(W)right On implemented a three-step campaign to help a major retail demonstration business transition to a more engaged and modern company, just in time for its 30th year in operation

The Opportunity

Daymon Interactions, partnered with national warehouse retail locations to promote everything from food to personal care items through in-store demonstrations. With 30 years of experience under their belts, management was looking for a way to revamp their friendly, yet traditional, approach to product demos and increase employee involvement in supporting this change. Externally, a new logo, uniform and color story paved the way to a fresh company image. Internally, Daymon Interactions wanted employees to take their jobs in a more creative, hands-on direction.

The Solution

WOC created a three-tiered campaign called “Demo the Demo,” which outlined how employees could  support a company-wide switch from creating demos for shoppers to creating engaging, memorable in-store “events.” To Demo, or “demolish,” the Demo and make way for events, WOC incorporated the use of video, content marketing and an incentive program to raise awareness and encourage seamless employee adoption.

The Results

At the end of its implementation, Demo the Demo:

  • Increased sales for Daymon Interactions
  • Ignited new passion in Daymon Interactions employees and aided in ongoing support of new company concepts and goals
  • Created friendly competition between different retail teams, inspiring more unique event concepts
  • Gave way to ongoing contest development for employee training and reinforcement
  • Awarded an E2E national employee communication award for excellence