What do the 2018 Facebook Changes Mean for Your Business?

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We’ve studied the 2018 Facebook changes announced in January 2018 and what they mean to our client partners. We’re sharing our analysis as well as what to do about it in a series of recommendations:

8 Smart Ways for Brands to Adapt to
Facebook’s Changes in 2018
  • Get ideas for your 2018 Facebook and social media strategies
  • Integrate Facebook in your paid and earned media plans
  • Ensure your team isn’t wasting time, effort and money chasing reach and engagement that just isn’t there
  • Find creative solutions to make Facebook’s changes work for your brand and stand out from your competition
Download 8 Smart Ways for Brands to Adapt to Facebook’s Changes in 2018

Whether Facebook is a pivotal platform in your social media strategy or you use it more sparingly, our analysis of the 2018 Facebook changes and recommendations will help you and your team get the most from your social media strategy. 

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