PR in the Digital Age

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PR in the Digital Age Workshop

The media landscape is now a digital landscape. Learn how to leverage earned, shared, paid and owned media to get your message out and measure success.

Led by agency Founder and President Julie Wright, this one-hour public relations workshop shares our insights into “PR in the Digital Age.” You will leave this interactive session with key takeaways that you can begin applying to boost the impact of your communications right away.

Media and Presentation Training

Whether you’re speaking to a TV reporter or an audience of 1,000, how can you memorably make your main points while appearing relaxed and confident?

(W)right On Communications’ CEO Grant Wright and Agency Director Chance Shay are here to help with a series of training workshops starting with a small group session followed by one-on-one on-camera sessions. Learn public speaking tips and polish your skills with trainers who will continue to follow up and support your real-world interviews and presentations with as-needed refreshers.

COMING SOON: The Future of Communications

AI, predictive analytics, virtual reality, 5G wireless networks, big data, blockchain–technology continues to change how information is delivered, received and measured.

The Future of Communications will be added to our available public relations workshops coming Fall 2019. Or you can schedule a custom version of this workshop by contacting us.

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